New curporation with Nigel

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New curporation with Nigel

NIGEL is a company that specialises in transforming and freezing fish and other fishing products, trading its products in the internal and external market. Founded in 1958, this company is based in Peniche, close to one of Portugal’s main Fishing harbours. Currently, NIGEL employs 100 people, part of a qualified, experienced team that works from raw material selection to production. NIGEL’s industrial unit was extended, remodelled and modernised in 2015, by introducing new manufacture and packaging technologies, therefore improving productivity, quality and service.


NIGEL’s cold-storage capacity is 18.500 m3freezing capacity is 8 tonnes/hour and packaging capacity is 5 tonnes/hour.

We use our experience as the driving factor for
constant change with the purpose of producing quality products that meet our client’s needs. Our guiding principles are the respect for commitment, adaptation capacity and a high level of dedication. Export has always been a mission of ours, and
we are now working for more than 20 countries in 5 continents.


Our industrial unit was designed with great flexibility to adapt to the demands of completely different markets. In addition to the ongoing training of our employees, we rely on a highly
qualified quality control team that ensures the compliance with all standards established by the HACCP, implemented since 1997. Also, we have the IFS FOOD certification.


Our company’s priority is to maintain high quality levels from raw material selection to final shipping.